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Get There, Fast

We have to wear numerous hats as we reflect Jesus within the world. During his time on the earth, Jesus fulfilled many roles, if you will, he wore many different hats! Some of them were exclusive to him because of his deity, others are roles that we are to reflect as we live and follow Him in this world. One of the roles that I believe we are to reflect is that of an E.M.T… who extend God’s compassion to people everywhere.

For most of us, our experience of E.M.T.’s has been as they quickly drive past us on the road, responding to immediate and urgent needs, to help, support and transport people to the one who can offer them the healing that is necessary.

In the same way we are to be God’s E.M.T.’s… responding quickly to the call to help an injured world that has crashed badly. We are to go to the scene of accidents, and among wounded people, being quick to care and, through our prayers, transporting them to the One from whom all healing comes.
While we don’t get to drive around a van with flashing lights and sirens, and we don’t have special dispensation to run through red lights, we do – as God’s E.M.T.’s have something very special and unique to share with the world – the compassion of a caring God.
It has been said that the Church is a hospital for the sick, a picture that resonates with me. But if the Church is a hospital and we are E.M.T.’s, it doesn’t make much sense to simply stay in the hospital. We are trained, empowered, and equipped to go outside the hospital, and bring people in! As E.M.T.s, we need to get in our ambulances and go where people are hurting, broken, and needing compassion.

I was recently challenged by the following interchange between two followers of Christ.
“Sometimes I would like to ask God why He allows poverty, suffering and injustice when he could be do something about it”. “Well, why don’t you ask him”? Because I am afraid that he might ask me the same questions”.

It’s like that isn’t it? We sit comfortably in our Churches, asking God to do something about the issues of the world when we should be putting on our E.M.T. hats, getting in our ambulances, and going to the lost, the least, and the lonely. It’s what we were made to do.

Also, it is interesting that whenever we think of issues of compassion we tend to think internationally. We think of starving children, and poverty, and natural disasters overseas. We need to have great compassion on these people and in these areas. But, most of us don’t have enough gas in our ambulances to care sufficiently for those overseas. But all of us have the ability to offer compassion to those we know, those we love and those we come across in our daily life.

It is a lie of the enemy that there is anyone who is not in need of compassion. There are people hurting, , broken, questioning, mourning, wondering and worrying right around you! They are people who need you to put on your E.M.T. hat and reflect the compassion of Christ. Compassion is not something that we just need to send overseas, it is something we must offer to everyone around us.

One of the roles we play, one of the hats we must wear as we reflect Christ, is that on an E.M.T., carrying the compassion of our caring God! Why is this so important? Because it is our compassion that creates a conduit for God’s healing.

Drive your Ambulance! Get there, fast.

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