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Advent Excitement

I imagine that the Advent Season excites God. His excitement surrounding the first Christmas must have been almost out of control, and like any proud parent on their child's birthday, I imagine he has wildly celebrated each of Jesus’ birthdays since then.

1) The First Advent.

Since the fall of man, God had tried his best to unlock the hearts of the men and women whom he loved so passionately. Throughout the centuries, he had protected, nurtured, guided, promised, revealed, pleaded, offended, encouraged, pushed, pulled, challenged, and invited humanity in the hope that we would turn back to him. He had exhausted almost every possible means to let the citizens of Earth know how much he loved them... there were a few whose hearts returned their affection to him, but something special, something beyond anything previously, something unprecedented, was needed to set God’s redemptive plan in motion fully. In heaven’s conference room, it was decided that the Son – the ‘word’ who was with and was God – would come and live among those on whom God’s passion was focused. The first Advent must have filled heaven with excitement… the holy strings were pulled, the angels were prepared, the critical players aligned, the miracles orchestrated, and the story penned out. Heaven collectively anticipated with great fuss and giddiness the majestic display of love that would soon be revealed! The Word was to become flesh… he was going to dwell….glory would be revealed… and the tremendous redemptive plan would enter into a new and complete phase for all who would believe and receive this most sacred of gifts.

The best gifts to give are the ones that are lovingly prepared, creatively engineered, fantastically delivered, and revealed through elements of surprise, wonder, and awe. The best kind of gifts to give is the best we have to offer. And that’s what God did. The first Advent was full of excitement; the first Christmas Eve was full of contagious hope, and on that first Christmas day, God must have been eagerly peering down to see how humanity would receive this indescribable gift.

2) This Advent.

I imagine God is more excited about Advent than we are. He sees people coming together and hears laughter. He notices the spirit of generosity that extends beyond selfishness. He sees hope in people and longs to perform wonders in both young and old. He initiates reconciliation and serendipity. Through ancient words, he sees people understanding who he is and both the wise and foolish looking to him…

He also sees the pain as well… those who are alone, grieving, and lost. He hurts with those who are hurt and weeps for those whose heart is bankrupt. It grieves him… but then he remembers back to the very first Christmas and the very reason why he gave his son to us. He sent his son so we could share in his excitement and offer life to all of us, for whom life here is not as he intended.

For God so LOVED the world that he gave his only son.

Share God’s excitement this Advent.

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