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Oath or Affirmation

In the legal world, there are two ways to give a testimony – by oath or by affirmation. Both testimonies are valid within jurisdictional parameters, but there is a slight and significant difference between the two.

An affirmation is when you share your understanding of truth based on your personal honor. For instance, "I give you my word that…". An oath takes things to the next level as it is a spoken pledge that has the weight of a "Supreme Being" behind it. E.g., "I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, SO HELP ME GOD."

As believers in Jesus, we must live our lives under oath. Understanding our human condition and our fallibility to deceive and manipulate our affirmation isn't enough. It has behind it a string of broken promises and misread circumstances.

Shouldn't we live under the authority of the one we serve? Jesus said, "It is right that you call me teacher and Lord because that is who I am" (John 13:13). If he is Lord of our lives, then our lives must be lived in a way that honors and represents the weight of the "Supreme Being" behind us.

A life lived 'under oath' puts God first, obediently follows his calling, and is lived as a servant who willingly and joyfully follows his master. A life lived under oath is filled with integrity and honor, and divine love flows out of him.

Is your life story an affirmation or an oath? Is it based around you and your righteousness or Christ and his?

Live life under oath.

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