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Imparting an Impact

Recently I received an E-Mail from my Dad that contained an audio file titled "Vera Whittaker on the radio." Vera was my maternal Grandmother. She passed away almost 30 years ago, and I remember her as loving, caring, and finding great joy in everything that her favorite (and only!) grandson did.

I nervously listened to the electronic recording that my Dad had captured from an old cassette tape. Would I recognize her voice? Would this stir my emotions? Would it be weird? I sat down, composed myself, and listened to the 5-minute recording, hearing my Grandmother's voice for the first time in about 28 years.

As I listened, I didn't recognize her voice and the recording of a recording could have been any British lady with a mild Yorkshire accent. What struck me, though, as I listened was the theme of her conversation. On the radio interview, my Grandmother was advocating for her local community, wanting to turn an underutilized space into an area where the community could gather, connect and grow together. She was seeking justice for some people who were struggling. Her voice was filled with a passion for this project as she provided clear, logical reasons why this was a good idea. She presented well-reasoned arguments, funding plans and thoughtfully dismantled any objections to the project. I was impressed!

Then it hit me. What my Grandmother was doing in the early '80s is what I'm doing now, over 40 years later. She cared for her community, providing for it and using her time and voice to make it stronger. This was a side of my Grandmother that I never knew, but I knew this passion within myself. In her example, she modeled for me the importance of getting involved. I am more like my Grandmother than I knew or realized, even though we never had any kind of conversation about this and she died while I was still young. Her passion hadn't been taught to me, but I had somehow caught it.
We never know the impact that we are going to have on another. We all have a responsibility NOW to live well, pursue our passions and set the tone for who we’d like people to become.

"What it is the LORD requires of you? To act justly, love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God" – Micah 6:8

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