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Welcome to...Church Together!

At Church Together, you can expect a friendly and warm welcome.

You’ll meet people who are like you and some who are not like you, but we’ve come together to celebrate that we are loved by the God who created us.

As a fellowship, we’re committed to welcoming and caring for you because that is what Jesus does for us. We hope you’ll find us caringly supportive, genuinely authentic, personally encouraging, and warmly and loyally loving – because these are values of the culture we’re trying to build.

We hope you’ll experience us as people who:

•    Worship Together in Christ - because He is our Hope!
•    Growing Together in Community - because we need each other!
•    Serving Together for the City - because all are loved!

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Worshiping together in Christ, because he is our hope.

Growing together in community, because we need each other.

Serving together for our city, because all are loved.


Moments of Hope
Pastor Andy releases a "Moment of Hope"
devotional every Thursday at 8am.
Weekly Blog
Pastor Andy releases a blog post every week.
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A Gift For You
Learn how you can partner with other
organizations and provide a gift in your honor!


Every Neighbor Loved: 
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Sunday, February 18, 2024

Every Neighbor Loved: 
Who Is My Neighbor?
Sunday, February 25, 2024

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